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Quaderns Digitals / Quaderns número 46
Irene Aixalá Gil 
Fernando Yarza Gumiel 
 1. FINAL TASK At the end of the unit the students (SS) will write a biography of Australian athlete Cathy Freeman. This will include some general information about her country of origin – i.e. Australia – some personal details, together with some professional information. The Education Law (LOE) stipulates that certain basic competences should feature in the curriculum. The development of the following four basic competences in linguistic communication, ICTs and digital competence, competence in learning to learn and autonomy and personal initiative have been taken into account in the elaboration of this Didactic Unit2. 2. LEVEL This unit is addressed to 1st year of Bachillerato SS. SS at this age have finished compulsory secondary education and should therefore have acquired oral and written skills to communicate efficiently in every-day situations through specific tasks. Likewise, they already know basic vocabulary for descriptions and can use different present and past forms of many regular and irregular verbs that will help them complete the final task. 3. JUSTIFICATION This unit is intended to motivate SS by getting them to speak about familiar issues. Therefore, it starts with simpler input that gets more complex as the lesson goes on. This allows the teacher to go from the old to the new, making sure that all SS get involved in the activities and feel at ease.
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