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Big gaps, difficult solutions: teaching english to high schools immigrants [01-01-2000]
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  Jesús García Laborda
Despite the current situation in the Valencia Community, there seems to be deep differences in the opinions of legislators and teachers about the needs and difficulties in Secondary education. The key issue for many schools is how face an increasing number of undereducated immigrants. Indeed, many Spanish and English teachers wonder how to go on working given this state of affairs. The number of students who need remedial language education can be amazing in certain schools and communities especially in Alacant and Valencia, and teachers know little of what they are supposed to do with these students. Besides, they lack the necessary institutional and linguistic support so many give up and just consider that they can only do just what they do for the rest of the class. This is especially significant for English (and foreign language) teachers who are often required to give up instructional hours of some of their students for remedial or additional instruction in Spanish. And there is still another the question of how schools can afford the situation given the scarcity of really well trained extension teachers. And if this is so needed why the Conselleria doesn’t provide with the funds to hire more staff.
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