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Rema / volumen 5
Variables contextuales en el éxito de las aplicacioens multimedia en la universidad [01-01-2000]
  Vicente Manzano Arrondo
Hassan Fazeli Khalili
Francisco Javier Pérez Santamaría
Use of multimedia technology in classroom is, in some contexts, highly fashionable. There are different myths about this question, like the security of these techonologies enhances learning. On the other hand, research designs used count usually on some methodological unsuitables. One neglected aspect is effect of student satisfaction from classroom process in some dependent variables. In this paper both satisfaction level or degree of pleasantness are measured as for a student group from high school. Procedured used are blackboard, video and computer images animation. Results shows that technology used has effects in pleasantness perceived in classroom. However, authors attrack attention about possible temporariness of relations found: they are dependent of context.
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