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Actividades en el Centro Español Rey Juan Carlos I, New York University

Film Series: Scribes on Screen: The figure of the writer in film

Federico García Lorca (1998), by John J. Healey
Celebrate México Now: Book presentation
MEXICO: A Traveler’s Literary Companion. Memory Wars: Recent Work on the Spanish Civil War

(New York)


John J. Healey

Tuesday, September 11, 7:15 p.m.
Film Series: Scribes on Screen:  The figure of the writer in film

Federico García Lorca (1998), by John J. Healey

Introduced by the director.
In English and Spanish.

In conjunction with the inauguration of NYU’s new MFA program in Creative Writing in Spanish, we are pleased to present this yearlong series of films which feature writers as protagonists.  Co-sponsored by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

CM Mayo


Wednesday, September 12, 6:00 p.m.
Celebrate México Now: Book presentation
MEXICO: A Traveler’s Literary Companion

Reading and discussion of MEXICO: A Traveler’s Literary Companion, a travelanthology of Mexican short stories in translation by some of Mexico’s best-known authors. With editor CM Mayo, writers Dr. Pedro Angel Palou and Monica Lavin, and translators Harry Morales and Daniel Shapiro.

Co-presented by the Mexican Cultural Institute of New York.  

With the generous support of Dos Equis.

In Spanish. The book will be available for sale. Reception to follow.

mexico now logo This event is part of Celebrate México Now, a citywide festival of contemporary Mexican art and culture produced by CN Management.

F. Torres installation

la sonrisa de la falangeby Angela Cenarro

Thursday-Saturday, September 13-15
Memory Wars:  Recent Work on the Spanish Civil War
With Angela Cenarro, Jo Labanyi, Jordana Mendelson, Francesc Torres, Noel Valis, Jacques Lezra, and others.

- Thursday, Sept. 13
6:15 pm:
Preview of the four ICP exhibits Brian Wallis, ICP (pending confirmation)
Presentation of the book “Dark is the Room Where We Sleep” (Barcelona: Actar, 2007) with Francesc Torres, John Handhart and Jo Labanyi.

8:30 pm: dinner for conference participants and guests

- Friday, September 14
3:00 pm: Presentation of the book "La sonrisa de la falange" by Angela Cenarro, Visiting Scholar at the Remarque Institute, NYU, with Jordana Mendelson and Jo Labanyi

4:00 pm: “Photography and Historical Memory” lecture by Juan Salas

5:00 pm: “In the Family Archives” (provisional title), lecture by Jacques Lezra.

6:00 pm : Presentation of "Constancia de la Mora" by Soledad Fox, with the author, and Gina Herrmann

8:00 : Cocktail reception, followed by informal dinner for participants

- Saturday, September 15
11:00 am : Closing session: Presentation of "Teaching Representations of the SCW" and open discussion of the SCW in the classroom. With Noel Valis, Gina Herrmann, Jordana Mendelson, Jo Labanyi, and others. A group of New York City public highschool teachers will attend this session.

1:00 pm: Lunch for participants

Cosponsored by the King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, and the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives.

From September 25, 2007 to January 6, 2008, the International Center of Photography will host four major exhibitions related to the visual culture of the Spanish Civil War and its aftermath: “This is War: Robert Capa at Work”; “Gerda Taro”; “Other Weapons: Photography and Print Culture During the Spanish Civil War” and “Dark is the Room Where We Sleep” by Francesc Torres. In anticipation of the inauguration of these four shows, we have organized this symposium. For more info on the exhibits visit:

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